1952 ... "Operation Ivy" - long version

... for all of us hard-cores; here's the long version of the film briefing about the world's first H-bomb test. Love the narrator guy with his pipe that won't stay lit. Can't help but think that most of the last-minute interview's, and even the final countdown scene at the ship's rail, are earlier set-ups. Can't really imagine the film crew barging in to ask stupid questions just minutes before they light the fuse on the first H-bomb!


Unknown said...

Reed Hadley as our narrator. Last film appearance in "The Oozing Skull" (aka "Brain of Blood, "The Creature's Revenge," or "The Undying Brain), given the Cinematic Titanic (MST3K veterans) treatment.

james vaughan said...

... thanks- now we know. Sort of the ultimate science -teacher Dad guy!