1956 ... "Forbidden Area"

... 1956 live television drama and the debut of acclaimed "Playhouse 90" by CBS. 'Forbidden Area" is a cold-war thriller written by Rod Serling and directed by John Frankenheimer. Charlton Heston plays an Air Force Colonel assigned to a Pentagon think-tank who discovers an elaborate Soviet plot for a surprise attack against the US.
The cast also includes Vincent Price, Tab Hunter and Diana Lynn.

... of course Chuck foils the plot at the last minute, the sneak attack is destroyed and the formerly skeptical top brass push the President for a full-retaliatory attack. But because we are the good-guys the Commander and Chief stays the hand of SAC and settles for a 'regime-change' and a Candygram.

... Christmas morning arrives and Chuck and his babe face a hopeful future. THE END.

... ooo - the NY Times didn't like it!

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