1956 ... "Bassoon-Prime"

... test device fired in Operation Redwing shot 'Tewa' (South Pacific) was a big step in developing practical (weaponized) Hydrogen bombs. This test resulted in a yield of 5 megatons and eventually led to the devlopement of the b-41. The b-41 was the highest yield warhead ever deployed by the US at 25 megatons. 500 were made. The last ones were retired in 1976. It was an aircraft weapon only: carried by B-52's.

The 'pipes' coming out of the casing on the left were part of the instrument system to 'see' into the heart of the fusion reaction in the first milli-seconds of detonation. We can tell this is a photo from the tests at the Pacific Ocean testing area because everybody has their shirt off. In such tropical climates, with near 100 per cent humidity, wearing a shirt that is always soaking wet from perspiration quickly produces a rash.

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