1968 (2001) ... nukes in space!

... only those of us who are super-sci-fi-geeks will recognize this as the first image of a satellite in orbit from 2001: A Space Odyssey ( viewed a moment after the Man-Ape hurls the bone into the air). But only super-duper sci-fi geeks will know that this is supposed to be an orbital nuclear weapons system. Odd- since the movie was released in 1968 and the 'Outer space Treaty' banning nuclear weapons in space was signed the year before[?] Arthur Clarke makes specific mention of nukes in space in his novel which was the follow on to the screenplay. Maybe the symbolism of the first weapon (the bone) wielded by the Man-Ape cinematically transforming into an ultimate technological doomsday device was too juicy to ignore?

... more on nuclear weapons in space in the weeks to come. Note: you will be required to bring your space-suits to class.

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Mike D said...

I've never understood why any nation-state would want to put ANY weapon in a place where it was not under positive control 100% of the time.

Unless you put GI Major Tom on station protecting the platform it would be a sitting duck.